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Said I had a dirty mouth


[passes out]

People will stare. Make it worth their while → Zuhair Murad Haute Couture | S/S ‘13

Louis playing football outside the arena, October 6th
❝ Anonymous asked: hello! I was just wondering if you could rec some of your favourite Lourry blogs, because tbh it's you're fault that i've fallen into this spiral of one direction and i've given up trying to get out so i might as well just except my fate you know


i’d like to say i’m sorry but i really am not so welcome love, there’s no way out so c’mere babe lemme kiss and hug you <3

but here’s some of my favs :)





yourssincerelylarry (her manips… wow)









gosh i’m probably forgetting half of them cause there’s like GAZILLION amazing lourry blogs but yeah please msg me if you ever want to talk or ask more cause i’m always ready to cry <33

Directioners against After: The book was bad enough, don't let them make it into a movie.

Come on guys. Sign this and share it. Less than 1200 signatures to get. Please 



if u love me sign the petition to stop after from being a movie

Please Please fucking sign this please. don’t let this woman make anymore money on trashing harry’s name and promoting abusive relationships. fuck this shit. i’m sick of all this 5o shades of rape and abuse, shut it down

❝ Anonymous asked: What if Louis and Harry were best friends forever and then Louis fell in love with him because he's gay but what if Harry is heterosexual. And then when Louis told him they just drifted apart and they stopped hanging out like they did 2-3 years ago.

get your dirty ass spirit out of my blog

❝ Anonymous asked: do you not get really sad though because soon everyone is going to know about Larry and everyone will talk about them, like we've seen how their relationship has grown and we've been here for so long and soon it won't be our thing anymore :(

Hum your point of view is a tiny bit selfish. Don’t forget that they’re actual human beings, and not some tv show or dolls that you like to fangirl over. Harry and Louis are real humans, with real feelings and emotions, and the point of making those tumblrs and fanfics and fanarts is that we want to see them happy. So, I’ll be happy when they’ll come out because they’ll finally have their happy ending. They deserve to be together and to kiss and hold hands and not to worry if they’re getting caught looking at each other. They deserve the whole world to know they’re together and married. I don’t care if it’s not “our” thing anymore. It’s their love before our tumblr, isn’t that the whole point of those blogs ? Their love ? 

I’d stop doing my tumblr if that means they have the right to do their coming out to be honest


can we talk about how absolutely stunningly goRGEOUS HARRY LOOKS HERE ?!?! his long hair all full and curling a bit is so BEAUTIFUL ON HIM. like….. he’s always gorgeous. but sometimes he’s just EXTRA GORGEOUS 


❝ Anonymous asked: Could you pleaseeeee link me to your manips? x (i'm on my phone)

Yeah sure lovely, here is it. But for future reference (yeah I hope you’ll come back) you can just click on “maëlys” with the flower in my description, it’ll direct you to my manips :)

❝ Anonymous asked: i have this shirt that says "sassy, classy and a bit smart assy" and i think of louis every time i wear it XD



Smart Assy

more like fine ass-y


did anyone ever figure out a point to this video like