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  1. harry : one. two. tree.
  2. harry : cakles to himself
  3. harry : god i'm so funny

harrystyles: One. Two. Tree.

harrystyles: One. Two. Tree.


"Welcome home" - 2/2


"Welcome home" - 2/2


i think it’s time we talked about harry and louis’ zodiac signs



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Still, if they meet and manage to synchronize their value systems, they can build one of the most spectacular couples.

❝ Anonyme asked: Why people call them 'Dream Team'? Is it a thing?


It is most definitely a thing! Individually they’re great and all, but together they are unstoppable. When you put their minds together and combine it with the insane chemistry they have, Harry and Louis are the perfect duo

They’re sneaky little menaces

Football mates

They trust each other

Great support system

They team up against the other boys

They’re so in sync with each other they defy science

They organize acapella performances

And when they walk side by side they OWN THE WORLD


prayer circle to ensure that new album promo includes one direction playing a series of increasingly bizarre games with jimmy fallon on “the tonight show”


this lying motherf*cker